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How can ICAN® help you?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

ICAN, connects hundreds of national Cryotherapy and Spa Wellness Associations around to the country to the globe’s network. Innovating approach to how business is adapting. Created out of demand for more from the current member programs for spa & wellness communities.

Our aim is to take business to the next level, promote your brand, we’re here to guide, connect, inspire and most importantly being an advocate for our members globally. Join us in elevating, inspiring, and uniting the Cryotherapy industry.

ICAN is a non-profit trade association supporting creative, innovative companies, from startups to established multinational businesses of all sizes. ICAN is here to help our members succeed in the rapidly expanding Cryotherapy industry. Our association has provided essential guidance and support through business tools, publications, education, networking opportunities and legislative advocacy.

Our Mission:

To foster the success of entrepreneurial companies in the Cryotherapy industry.

Our Values:

To promote and maintain the highest legal and regulatory compliance standards in a neutral space between all manufacturers and distributors maintaining a higher level of ethical business practices.

What We Do:

Education: Cryotherapy training webinars on sales, product knowledge and marketing skills aimed at sharpening your skills. We include technical, regulatory, resources to help brands optimize compliance, safety, and quality to uphold the high standards that today’s consumers expect and deserve from our industry.

Member Services: One on one direct consultations on specific key issues by industry leaders and experts. If we can’t help you directly, we will find someone who can help companies gain access to the global market through programs including export certificates, responsible party representation. Promote through our exhibition trade shows and let your brand be known.

Networking: Connecting with each other should be at the core of every business, therefore we have established a neutral zone for everyone to connect in the same playing field. Connect with manufacturer, supplier, retailer, and service providers involved in the Cryotherapy industry.

More on iCAN® @ : iCAN is a non-profit trade association supporting creativeness.

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