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Do you even Cryo?

Let us get real for a minute, if there’s anything we wish to kill off from our body, is excess fat. Fat is main culprit for illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease as well as cancer and more. For many Americans that struggle to get in shape, diet and exercise might not be the only solution. Before we get a little technical, let us start with the basic background. Open Sea Distribution has either been directly involved in manufacturing or distributing over 500 units with over 20,000 sessions to date. The popular thermal-shock technology that started in Europe in the early 2000s then in 2012 reaching the North American market has taken the industry by storm.

Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

Thermal-shock technology is where we have played with these temperature ranges to create the perfect formula to eliminate fat permanently. These temperature ranges are from 38 degrees hot, which brings the adipose fat cells to the surface- then quickly cooling them off by reaching -10 to -18 degrees max Celsius in just seconds. Works like a cool massage where the technicians apply the wand over the areas being treated with plenty of thermal gel which is solely the only consumable at a cost of $60 for the 1000ML jug. Open Sea has made it easy to purchase devices or consumables right on its website at

This “sweet spot” of temperature ranges have been proven to significantly reduce or eliminate fat cells entirely. Where does it all go? … Once they die, they enter your lymphatic system through the body’s own natural system of eliminating waste. We have seen incredible results globally in 21 countries with thousands of satisfied clients to date. The leading studies for Cryoskin started in the early 2000s with Dr. Phillipe Blachemaison, MD of the Society Franchise d’Accreditation Sante, Paris, France.

Cryotherapy in itself has been around for almost as long as human history. We used to swim in cold waters not just to exercise but to reach levels of rejuvenation and the invigorating effects that this brough onto our bodies. This ties in not only the physical elements that create impact on the body but also on the mind. In the 50s, scientist discovered that placing an ice cube to a baby’s cheeks developed dimples, this realization brought onto the effects of cold on the derma which impacted adipose fat cells. This led to more discoveries on the effects of cold temperatures on the body.

Cryoskin’s newest release: The Revolution and distributed exclusively in North America by Open Sea Distribution. More at

This brings us to another topic within the 9-billion-dollar Cryotherapy industry, WBC or Whole Body Cryotherapy. Remember that guy that used to swim in cold waters? Yeah, no I wouldn’t do it, however, standing comfortably inside a Cryotherapy chamber - amazing! … If you haven’t tried – you should.

So WBC started with Nitrogen driven chambers almost a decade ago, although the performance of these chambers were incredible – many found the nitrogen expense to be a deal breaker. Many owners found themselves spending over $4,000.00 in rental expenses of the nitrogen tanks alone not counting the cost of the chamber itself. Luckily technology has advanced where today we have a few manufactures producing quality chambers, this includes CRYO ONE Corporation which is working with European partners to release its version of the world’s first electric luxury WBC chamber. The aim is not to release them into circulation to be just another expensive meat locker with additional parts required. The Avalanche promises not to disappoint without breaking the bank.

Sneak peak at the Avalanche to be released winter of 2021.

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